Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Earlier this year, the family and I returned from a trip of a lifetime. We had just experienced our first “White Christmas” together in Europe.

Three days after our return, it was time to go back to work. The usual routine for me was to buy a coffee on the way to work. It was my treat for the day.

But it wasn’t as important to me anymore.

I knew that if I could sacrifice this habit, I could save up to $5 a day. $25 a week. $1,200 a year.

I could start to save for my family’s next trip.

We all wanted to travel again. We all wanted to share a new experience together.

This was very important to all of us.

Every time I felt like buying a coffee I would think about our trip. I would look at our photos and think about the experiences I had shared with my family.

When you walked through the snow it was like you were dreaming. The snowflakes were falling in front of you and you were waiting to feel them land on you.

Snow has a gentle touch. It floats down and gently rests on you. The contrast of the white snowflake on my dark blue jacket continually grabbed my attention. It was an experience I wanted to capture.

So I took many photos.

But each photo could not describe the gentle touch of the snow.

Each photo could not describe the snow floating to the ground. It seemed to drop at speed but then when it came towards you it floats. Gently onto you.

Each photo could not describe the feeling of warmth when each snowflake touched my face. It was minus 1.3 degrees but the freshness of the chilly air was warming me. Or maybe it was the Gluhwein.

Each photo could not capture the contrast in colour. White snowflake against the darkening backdrop of the sky.

The background was lit with a bon fire where chestnuts were roasting. Next to the fire, a brass band played carols.

The people mingled freely. Each one holding a cup.

Gluhwein, hot chocolate, hot apple cider. The choice was yours. Each one had the same effect of warming your heart.

I placed my cup on the ledge of the lookout. The view from the lookout was amazing. The city lights glistened as day became night. We were in the middle of a “Winter Wonderland”.

We now had a story to share with each other. A story that we believed in. An unbelievable experience. An experience that was important to us as a family.

Every decision we make in life involves a trade-off. And when you understand what is important to you, the trade-off is an easier decision to make.

Do you know what is important to you?



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