Where are you from?

Where Are You From?

We have multiple conversations a day. With different people. Some of us have multiple conversations with the same person. Some of us meet new people every day. And have new conversations. One-off conversations. Regardless of the situation, every conversation is an opportunity to connect.

Just like the married couple who decided to have an early morning breakfast together. The husband had scheduled both cars to be serviced at the same time. So they took the opportunity to spend some time together. To take a break from the hustle and bustle. To re-connect.

The couple dropped their cars off and went for a walk. Looking for a local café to have some breakfast. They found one they had not visited before. They wanted to try something different.

They went to the counter to order. They started scanning the breakfast menu as the café owner approached them.

“What do you recommend?” asked the husband.

This simple question put a smile on the café owner’s face. He started to go through the list of options. Which ones were popular. Which one was the healthy option. He then finished with his favourite. The couple ordered. The husband went with the owners recommendation.

As they sat down the husband ordered a cup of coffee. And for the next half an hour they enjoyed breakfast. And a conversation about their kids, extended family. And life in general.

The husband knew that his wife was feeling anxious about her studies. In particular the workload ahead. Juggling part-time work and part-time study. With full-time family. So he ordered a second cup of coffee. And asked her a question.

“What are you learning this week?”

She started by sharing some interesting facts around food nutrition. It has become one of her passions. The conversation flowed as the husband asked more questions. The wife began to feel more relaxed as she realised the level of knowledge she had developed on the subject.

An hour flew past. And it was time to walk back to pick-up one of the cars. They walked up to the counter to pay.

“He won’t be too long”, said the chef, referring to the café owner who had stepped out back. The couple walked to the other side of the café and noticed a vegetable garden.

“Is that your garden?” the wife asked the chef.

Her expression said it all. She was impressed.

The chef turned to her and started listing what seasonal vegetables were in the garden. What they were planning to plant in the next week. The wife then came to the counter and saw these ingredients were in all the foods.

“Do you prepare all the food here?” she asked the chef.

“Everything except the pastry dough is prepared by us.” Again, she was impressed.

In the meantime, the café owner had returned. The couple paid their bill and were about to turn to leave for the door when the owner asked.

“Where are you from?”

“We are locals. Just enjoying a quiet morning together.”

There was an awkward pause. The couple were surprised by the question.

“The reason I ask is because you guys seem so chilled and relaxed. I thought you might be on holidays. Visiting from somewhere.”

As the couple walked out of the café they realised they had been given a gift. The feedback from the café owner made them smile. They enjoyed making conversation with the café owner and the chef. And it was obvious that the café owner and chef had enjoyed their clientele.

They had made a connection.

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