When was the last time you sang in the car?

When was the last time you sang in the car?

What does singing in the car have to do with empathy? Empathy involves telling the truth at some level. Someone sharing a truth with you. Telling yourself the truth. In fact, it all starts with being honest with yourself. We can’t begin to understanding others if we don’t understand ourselves.

For example, how can you understand what makes someone happy and fulfilled with their work if you don’t know what makes you feel the same way.

I remember the proudest moment of my career to date. It was a presentation that I did for a group of business students on how to manage budgets and financial plans. It was a small group of seven students. All in their late teens / early twenty’s. Not looking to set the finance world on fire. Just wanting to learn enough so that they could pass the unit.

I wanted to make it memorable for the students. Not just another presentation about numbers. So I tackled the elephant in the room. I started the presentation by asking the students, “Why are Budget so boring?” (I wrote about it in an earlier blog post here).

Once the presentation had finished I drove home. A 90 minute drive from where I had given the presentation. And I sang my heart out for those 90 minutes. All the way home. It was the day I decided to be the rare numbers guy that helped people find their story behind the numbers.

When was the last time you sang in the car on the way home from work?

It helps when you start with empathy.


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