What Matters Most

What Matters Most

Values are the things that you believe are important. They are what your priorities are based on. They are what you measure your life against. What matters most.

It is important to understand what your values are, as you will always refer to them when making decisions.

I will be sharing my Top 3 examples over the next 3 blog posts, in the hope that it will get you thinking about yours.

Here is my first example.

The father who values FAMILY
In today’s world, smart phones and tablets provide us with plenty of distractions. It has become difficult to sit peacefully, just with our thoughts. As soon as you are in this position, what do you find yourself doing? Reaching for your phone to check emails and or social media.

And before you know it, this habit starts to take over your life. Like when I started my business 6 six years ago. Whenever my phone rang, I answered it. Sometimes during dinner time. I could not watch TV without checking my phone on every commercial break. My wife walked out of the TV room one night. “There is no point staying here if you are not present with me.” It was a wake-up call.

The next day I got home from work. And I put my phone on silent. And placed it on top of the cupboard in the kitchen. I would not be distracted that night. I repeated this the next day. And the next day. Until it became a ritual. One that my kids have started copying with their devices.

I have a developed a strong bond with both of my children. We have open and honest conversations. And we like to make each other laugh. Usually at the dinner table as a family. Mobile devices turned-off.

I have found that time spent in the car driving to sporting activities can also be a great way to connect with your kids. They cannot jump out of a moving car so you have their attention. Once again, mobile devices put away or turned on silent.

Being present for my kids has been the best thing I have done as a Father. It’s one of the first tests I use for what I’ll take on and what I’ll avoid.



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