The Pocket Money Parent Program


What you will get from this Program?

There are five things you will get from this program:

  1. Teach your kids how to save for their future
  2. Break bad money habits
  3. Confidently answer your kids money questions
  4. Make finance a family sport
  5. Enable your kids to make better choices and fewer mistakes than you did


Who is it for?

Parents with children aged 10-15

How will it work?

The program runs over 5 weeks and includes a break half way through so that parents can test their pocket money system. I have a one on one private consult with each participant at the start of the course. I will also be available to answer any questions as they arise over the 5 week period.

What you will learn

Week 1
Map your Money Habits

Week 2
How much pocket money should I give my kids?
How often should I give my kids pocket money?
How to set-up a pocket money system that works


Week 3
Making finance a family sport
The difference between Needs, Wants and Wishes

Week 4
How to teach your kids the value of money

Key Dates for 2017

Feb 2017 intake: Week 1 – starts Monday Feb 13
May 2017 intake: Week 1 – starts Monday May 15
Aug 2017 intake: Week 1 – start Monday Aug 14
Oct / Nov 2017 intake: Week 1 - to be confirmed




Program Testimonials

Testimonial by Dave HirstLooking back on how I was managing my kids pocket money before I took Robert's course, I can see that it was haphazard and not really working. I wanted my kids to learn the value of money and the benefit of saving, but all they wanted to do was waste it. Robert taught me a range of strategies that has taught me how to get my kids on the right path when it comes to money. If you want to give your kids a great start on becoming sensible money managers that will benefit them for life, then Robert's course is simply a must. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Dave Hirst, Peregian Beach