Teaching with Empathy

We are all teachers in some capacity. Parents, grandparents, coaches, uncles, aunties, trainers, leaders and mentors. In these roles, we are all guiding someone. Helping them make change.

Teachers work with students from different backgrounds. With different points of view. With different learning styles. Take for example the mature age student.

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Doing The Right Thing

A mother and daughter were on their way to a house inspection.  They parked in the street thinking that the house was just across the road.  But they had turned down a wrong street.  Before the mother could get back in the car to get to the correct address, the daughter noticed a bird on the side of the street.  There was a bowl of water on the grass next to it.  The bird looked distressed.

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It Helps When You Love Your Job

"Are you willing and able to help in an event of an emergency?”

Richard and Christine had not flown in the emergency exit row before.  So, when the flight attendant asked them this question, they took it seriously.

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Where are you from?

We have multiple conversations a day. With different people. Some of us have multiple conversations with the same person. Some of us meet new people every day. And have new conversations. One-off conversations. Regardless of the situation, every conversation is an opportunity to connect.

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