Just Double It

Just Double It

“Does anyone in the room believe these numbers are not achievable?”

I felt intimidated.  I wanted to put my hand up but I paused to see if there was going to be anyone else.

Two days prior to this meeting, the commercial group (I was a part of) had gathered.  As we did every month.  We reviewed the product plan, inventory levels and sales numbers for the month.

We compared them to the same period last year.  We looked at what our competitors were offering in the market place.  We were doing everything we could to get a guide on what the next 3-6 months would look like.

And we believed we had a story to tell.  We had left the meeting as a unified group.  We were going to stick with our numbers and the story that supported them.

Environment shapes behaviour.  And I knew that the current environment we were in was very numbers orientated.

We had just presented our forecast to the CEO.

“You can double it” was his response.  I sat there stunned.  Did he just say that?

The CEO had set an aggressive growth target.  We were starting to fall behind.  Things were starting to get desperate.

“Does anyone in the room believe these numbers are not achievable?”

No-one in the commercial group had the courage to put their hand-up.  Including me.



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