It Helps When You Love Your Job

It Helps When You Love Your Job

"Are you willing and able to help in an event of an emergency?”

Richard and Christine had not flown in the emergency exit row before.  So, when the flight attendant asked them this question, they took it seriously.

Richard asked some questions after the flight attendant had finished his presentation.  The flight attendant could sense that Richard and Christine were feeling a little anxious.  They were both in their early seventies.  They were from a generation that took responsibility seriously.

The flight attendant listened to Richard's questions.  He did not rush his answers.  He paused at the end of each answer.  Allowing Richard to get comfortable.  And to ask any follow-up questions.

The passenger who was sitting next to Christine could also sense her anxiety.  He was planning to catch-up on some work during the flight.  Instead, he decided to remove his headphones and engage in some conversation.

“The extra legroom is quite a luxury on these flights.”  Christine smiled.  She looked to her husband who also introduced himself.  And they began a conversation.  That lasted the whole trip.  Which was just under an hour.

As the plane came to a standstill, the flight attendant came to Richard.

“Can I get your bags from the overhead locker sir?”

Richard took up the offer.  And then he thanked the flight attendant.

“It has been a pleasure flying with you today.  Thank you for your help.  And your understanding.”

“It’s my pleasure sir.  It helps when you love your job.”

It also helps when you care about the people you serve.  It helps when you start with empathy.


Image by Ryan Mcguire



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