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When it comes to teaching kids about money, many parents get it wrong. From not understanding their own attitudes to not talking to their kids about money and what to do with it, most parents would rather change the subject when the money question arises, or divert the responsibility to their child’s school.

From wannabe cricket pro to paper boy to finance professional, Robert Bihar’s career has led him on a passionate path to his ultimate goal; helping parents take control of their children’s financial education.

Robert uses his background as a Finance Analyst and his passion to teach parents and children about money in his book Don’t Eat The Marshmallow; The Fun and Easy Way to Teach Your Kids About Money and several speaking topics.

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Topics based on Don't Eat the Marshmallow

“Parents need to start teaching kids about the importance of money at an early age”

Warren Buffet

Our 7 Step Process

Be aware that the way you save, give and spend money speaks louder than words.
Start by asking your kids “Where does money come from?”.
Start giving your kids pocket money (weekly).  Give them two empty jars – one for saving and one for giving.
Ask your kids to draw a picture of what they want to save for.  Stick it on their bedroom wall.
Ask your kids if there is someone they would like to help.  Find a charity with a connection and give as a family.
Do not give in to your kids wants.  Let them use their savings to buy for their “wants”.
Share your enthusiasm and love of a subject with your kids and they will begin to ask themselves what they're passionate about.

Common mistakes parents make


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