Having the ATM conversation with your kids

In a world full of credit cards and internet banking money has become invisible. What does this teach our kids about where money comes from?

When my daughter turned seven-years-old I thought the time was right to ask her the question, “Where does money come from?”

Me: So tell me, now that you are a grown-up girl, can I start asking you some hard questions?

Daughter: Yeah, okay…this sounds like fun.

Me: Can you tell me where money comes from?

Daughter: That’s easy. It comes from the ATM machine when you put your card in. You have to remember to cover up your secret code so no-one else finds out what it is.

Me: Do you know how money gets into the ATM machine?

Daughter: Yes, it comes from the bank.

Me: Do you know how money gets into the bank?

My daughter pauses leaving the door open for my ten-year-old son to enter the conversation.

Son: Mum and dad get paid money for working every day.

At this point I grabbed my employee pass and showed it to my kids.

Me: (pointing to the pass) Kids this is who pays me.

Daughter: Cool. When can I start working?

Call to action:
Ask your kids the question: “Where does money come from?”

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