Grandparents – The Unsung Heroes

Grandparents - The Unsung Heroes

Ask any grandparent, and they will tell you, that we all have more options today than ever before. About what to pursue in our lives.

And for some of us, who are parents, we are opting to pursue wealth. For a number of reasons.

There are private school fees to think about. And. Quite naturally. We want our children to have the best of everything.

Which means bigger houses. With all the gadgets.

Newer cars. Probably two. At least.

Expensive toys + electronic devices for the kids. That enable our kids to keep up with all the other kids.

Add in. Ballet classes. Special tutoring. University fees to think about.

And it becomes a never ending treadmill of work. Work. Work. For our children. To be able to pay for all these things.

Which is what many mums and dads are doing today. Working. Very long hours. Some to the point of exhaustion.

When mum and dad are home. Together. And sometimes they're not. Their time is spent cooking dinner. Organising homework. Doing school lunches.

These are chores.

This is NOT quality time spent 'being in the moment' with their children.

The truth is. Grandparents often spend more quality time with their grandchildren. Than parents spend with their own children. Because so many grandparents, are looking after their grandchildren, while their own children go to work.

Ask any grandparent, and they will tell you, they lived a different lifestyle. When their family was young. They had to live within their means because there were no credit cards. Their first home was modest. And if they were anything like my parents, they started out with a lot of “hand me down” furniture. And cookware which was given as gifts. Or passed on from older relatives. They worked very hard for everything they owned.

Their family time was spent around the dinner table on week nights. And in their backyard on weekends.

My conversations with grandparents confirm that many of them are concerned about how frazzled their own children are with their work commitments. And their financial over commitments.

To help out, they've taken on the role of substitute teacher. Life skills aren't taught in school. They're taught in the home. And that's what many of today's grandparents are doing. Teaching their grandchildren the life skills they know they'll need, to get on in today's complex world.

They are. Without doubt. The unsung heroes within our families.



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