Doing The Right Thing

Doing The Right Thing

A mother and daughter were on their way to a house inspection.  They parked in the street thinking that the house was just across the road.  But they had turned down a wrong street.  Before the mother could get back in the car to get to the correct address, the daughter noticed a bird on the side of the street.  There was a bowl of water on the grass next to it.  The bird looked distressed.

The mother was in a hurry to see the house before the inspection time ended.  But the daughter would not get back in the car.  Not without the bird.

The mother went to the bird.  It did not fly.  She picked it up and it began to squawk.  Then another squawk came from the tree next door.  Was it the mother?

The daughter noticed that one of the birds legs was swollen at the joint.  It was as big as a blueberry.  And the wing looked out of place.  It wasn’t tucked in.  The bottom beak was also bent.

It was then that the mother realised that the bird was badly injured.  She recalled her childhood.  And the countless times she had found injured birds.  And bought them home to nurse to better health.  She was not going to let her daughter leave this one behind.  She knew it was the right thing to do.

They tucked the bird in her hoodie top and they drove to the next house inspection.  The daughter held the bird in the car as the mother went in to inspect the house.  The daughter fed the bird water from her drinking bottle.

Straight after the inspection, the mother rang to find the nearest vet.  It was a short drive away.  They arrived 5 minutes later.

“We are the ones that called about the bird”

The vet took the bird.  They would do some tests on it to see if it could be put back into its natural environment.  If not, the kindest thing for it would be to put it down.  Because it couldn’t eat properly and it wouldn’t be able to fly due to the damage to the wing.

“We will give you a call later to let you know of the results.”

An hour later the vet called.  The mother answered the phone.  “Unfortunately we had to put the little bird down.  It had sustained too many injuries and it was suffering a lot.  And it would have continued to suffer.”

The mother told her daughter.  Who began to cry immediately.  The vet could hear the young girl crying in the background.  “Oh poor thing.  Please tell her that she did the right thing.”

Rather than ending the call there, the vet paused for a moment.  Then she asked the mother, “Does your daughter have any more questions?”

The mother asked her daughter.  She shook her head.

“Thank you so much for calling and letting us know.”, said the mother to the vet.  She was grateful that the vet had kept her promise and called them back.  She was grateful that the vet had done the right thing.

Then she gave her daughter a hug and re-assured her that it was the best thing for the bird.  She knew they had done the right thing.

It helps when you start with empathy.


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