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Can I Help You?

It was Christmas Eve.  Bobby and his family were on the way from a Church Service.  They were feeling very festive.  They had just spent the last 45 minutes catching up with friends they had not seen for over a year.  Then he remembered that he needed to get to the shop before it closed at 9 pm.  It was 8:45 pm.

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Where Are You Travelling To?

The car engine spluttered and came to a halt. The father tried to start it again. He tried a couple of times. With no luck. “I think we have run out of petrol”, said the mother. Luckily, they had stopped in a country town and were 500 metres away from a petrol station.

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Teaching with Empathy

We are all teachers in some capacity. Parents, grandparents, coaches, uncles, aunties, trainers, leaders and mentors. In these roles, we are all guiding someone. Helping them make change.

Teachers work with students from different backgrounds. With different points of view. With different learning styles. Take for example the mature age student.

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Doing The Right Thing

A mother and daughter were on their way to a house inspection.  They parked in the street thinking that the house was just across the road.  But they had turned down a wrong street.  Before the mother could get back in the car to get to the correct address, the daughter noticed a bird on the side of the street.  There was a bowl of water on the grass next to it.  The bird looked distressed.

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