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What Brought You Here Today?

There is a difference between someone who is sympathetic towards you. And someone who starts with empathy. “I really want to solve your problem. I can help you.” This is what sympathy sounds like. The person may mean well, but it is about them.

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Is He Creative?

This week I started work with a new client. I was being introduced at the morning toolbox meeting.

My introduction was very short, “Rob starts today as our Accountant”

“Welcome Rob. I hope you are creative.”

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Business Built on Empathy

Money is not the main motivation for being in business for Cate. She has worked tirelessly in the corporate world for the last 15 years. She has made sacrifices to climb the corporate ladder.

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When Data Tells a Story

Tom (*) was a very laid-back character.  “It will work itself out” was a common response you would get from him.  But he also understood the importance of credibility.  Especially when numbers were involved.

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