Don’t Eat The Marshmallow; The Fun and Easy Way to Teach Your Kids About Money

Have you ever asked yourself :

  • At what age should I start teaching my kids about saving?
  • Where do I start?
  • I don’t like Maths so how do I do it?
  • Why can’t I find a fun and easy way to teach my kids how to manage money?


Well, kids are never too young to learn about money
and what to do with it. It’s not about maths and complicated
calculations;it’s about teaching your kids the right attitude.


Attitudes are often formed early (between the ages of 5 to 12) and
parents are the key influence on their kids behaviour at these ages.
“Don’t Eat the Marshmallow – The Fun and Easy Way to Teach Your Kids
about Money”, provides fun and easy to follow examples on how to teach
your kids the right “money behaviours”. Get your kids started
early and watch what happens…


Dont Eat the Marshmallow - Robert Bihar

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