Can I Help You?

It was Christmas Eve.  Bobby and his family were on the way from a Church Service.  They were feeling very festive.  They had just spent the last 45 minutes catching up with friends they had not seen for over a year.  Then he remembered that he needed to get to the shop before it closed at 9 pm.  It was 8:45 pm.

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Where Are You Travelling To?

The car engine spluttered and came to a halt. The father tried to start it again. He tried a couple of times. With no luck. “I think we have run out of petrol”, said the mother. Luckily, they had stopped in a country town and were 500 metres away from a petrol station.

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What Brought You Here Today?

There is a difference between someone who is sympathetic towards you. And someone who starts with empathy. “I really want to solve your problem. I can help you.” This is what sympathy sounds like. The person may mean well, but it is about them.

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Is He Creative?

This week I started work with a new client. I was being introduced at the morning toolbox meeting.

My introduction was very short, “Rob starts today as our Accountant”

“Welcome Rob. I hope you are creative.”

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