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Grandparents – The Unsung Heroes

Grandparents - The Unsung Heroes Ask any grandparent, and they will tell you, that we all have more options today than ever before. About what to pursue in our lives. And for some of us, who are parents, we are opting to pursue wealth. For a number of reasons. There are private school fees to…
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Just Double It

Just Double It “Does anyone in the room believe these numbers are not achievable?” I felt intimidated.  I wanted to put my hand up but I paused to see if there was going to be anyone else. Two days prior to this meeting, the commercial group (I was a part of) had gathered.  As we…
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Let Me Show You What That Looks Like

Let Me Show You What That Looks Like Kim loved her job.  She was a project manager.  She understood the importance of engaging other areas of the business.  Any decisions that needed to be made would be made as a collective.  She was very proud of the role she played in bringing everyone together. Her…
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Why are budgets so boring?

Why are budgets so boring? I recently had the pleasure of presenting to the students of the Sports Leadership Program run by AFL SportsReady. The students were covering the unit, “Managing Budgets and Financial Plans”.  The demographic of the group I was presenting to was early to mid 20’s who did not have a lot…
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