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When was the last time you sang in the car?

What does singing in the car have to do with empathy? Empathy involves telling the truth at some level. Someone sharing a truth with you. Telling yourself the truth. In fact, it all starts with being honest with yourself. We can’t begin to understanding others if we don’t understand ourselves.

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Does it make sense?

The meeting started with a brief introduction. Then the financial results for the month were put up on the screen. A one page report containing over 100 numbers. This was the moment that most managers dreaded. Their department was up in lights. Did I have a tick or a cross against my name. If I had a cross then I would be asked to explain. Most of them didn’t have the answers. They were afraid they would be exposed in front of their peers.

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For Pete’s Sake

Pete runs a second hand collectibles store. He specializes in books. My son and I were looking for a book store. I was directed to his store by one of the locals. “He has over 30,000 books in his catalogue. And he remembers every one of them. He is just across the road there.” So we walked across the road to meet Pete.

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Showing People They Matter

“I’m sorry about that. My phone just cut out during our conversation. What were you just about to say?” This was a common apology that Antonia was making recently. Her mobile phone was cutting out unexpectedly. She could not have long conversations with her husband. Her parents. Her close friends. Every time someone called her. This was stressing her out. Making her anxious. So she decided to go to visit her mobile phone carrier.

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