I very much enjoyed reading your book “Don’t eat the marshmallow”. At the time I was wrestling with the question of how to best teach my daughter about the value of money given she was going through her pocket money on lollies really fast and saving nothing. I used your exercises to get her to think about something she really wanted that was much bigger than a bag of lollies. She chose a special dance class and we cut out relevant picture’s to make a collage to put on a wall near her bed. We then opened a savings account and all money she received started going in there instead if at the lolly shop. It was not long til she had all the money she needed. She is now a regular saver and only spends a portion of any money on incidental items. Thank you for writing such a great and much needed book for today.

Sonia King, Mother and Founder of King Consulting HR

Don't Eat the Marshmallow is a great read for anyone wanting to strengthen the ties between parent and child guidance in regards to money. It can be read in one sitting, but the knowledge will last a lifetime.

Kate Woodhams, Mother of two boys

A must read for every parent. My 6 year old is now a few months into saving for his dirt bike.

Pei-Shan Wu, Mother of four

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