About Robert

After finishing high school, Robert completed a Bachelor of Arts in Accountancy at the University of South Australia. In 2000, an employment opportunity with General Motors Holden bought him to Melbourne, where he spent the following years as a financial expert in high profile roles with internationally renowned organizations including Target and Alcoa.

Transferring his experience from the big boys to the little boys (and girls), Robert realized that his passion lay in educating parents about improving their children’s financial IQ and teaching them about money the fun and easy way.

In June 2013, Robert self-published his first book, Don’t Eat The Marshmallow; The Fun and Easy Way to Teach Your Kids About Money. The book is a guide for parents to teach children basic financial and budgeting skills in order to develop their financial intelligence, from understanding their own money attitudes, talking to their kids about money, teaching their kids what to do with it, how to save, teaching them to give, educating about debt and how to avoid it, and ultimately, showing kids how to follow their passion.

Robert has also created an easy to understand and simple to execute financial program that helps parents take control of their children’s financial education, delving into the financial habits passed on through the generations. The program provides a specific timeframe for

commencing the learning process and explores how society has groomed children to be consumers.

A father of 2, Robert lives by his personal mantra—“try not to become a person of success but rather try to become a person of value” (Albert Einstein)—to inspire parents to invest in their children’s financial intelligence.

Outside of the financial spotlight, Robert is a self-confessed “soccer tragic”, a long-time fan and current coach of junior teams.