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Showing People They Matter

“I’m sorry about that. My phone just cut out during our conversation. What were you just about to say?” This was a common apology that Antonia was making recently. Her mobile phone was cutting out unexpectedly. She could not have long conversations with her husband. Her parents. Her close friends. Every time someone called her. This was stressing her out. Making her anxious. So she decided to go to visit her mobile phone carrier.

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Can I Help You?

It was Christmas Eve.  Bobby and his family were on the way from a Church Service.  They were feeling very festive.  They had just spent the last 45 minutes catching up with friends they had not seen for over a year.  Then he remembered that he needed to get to the shop before it closed at 9 pm.  It was 8:45 pm.

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Where Are You Travelling To?

The car engine spluttered and came to a halt. The father tried to start it again. He tried a couple of times. With no luck. “I think we have run out of petrol”, said the mother. Luckily, they had stopped in a country town and were 500 metres away from a petrol station.

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