Monthly Archives: December 2018

What Brought You Here Today?

There is a difference between someone who is sympathetic towards you. And someone who starts with empathy. “I really want to solve your problem. I can help you.” This is what sympathy sounds like. The person may mean well, but it is about them.

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Is He Creative?

This week I started work with a new client. I was being introduced at the morning toolbox meeting.

My introduction was very short, “Rob starts today as our Accountant”

“Welcome Rob. I hope you are creative.”

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Teaching with Empathy

We are all teachers in some capacity. Parents, grandparents, coaches, uncles, aunties, trainers, leaders and mentors. In these roles, we are all guiding someone. Helping them make change.

Teachers work with students from different backgrounds. With different points of view. With different learning styles. Take for example the mature age student.

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